Sunday, April 10, 2011

ON REPEAT: lines her eyes

     Sometimes it takes the shuffle button to help you uncover hidden gems in your ipod. Last night I turned on my device. Then a few songs later a Dum Dum Girls song came on called "lines her eyes" from their debut I Will Be. I'll be honest and say that until yesterday I usually passed up most Dum Dum Girls songs just because most songs were too loud-noisy-garage-rock (but with exceptional sound quality). And well most days I crave for mellow or electro-pop/rock music. So yesterday as I was quickly getting ready and "lining my eyes" I had no time to change a song if I disliked it. "Lines her eyes" started playing and lo and behold 1 minute into the song I fell deeply in love with it. If my ipod had only one functional button--the backwards button--I would have been completely satisfied because that's the only button that mattered to me saturday night. And not only do I love this song now but I found another reference to the album title. I get a kick out of finding the song (if it is not a title track) that inspired the musician(s) to brand their album with. In this case Dum Dum Girls chose the words "I will be" from track 9 and also chose it as the name for track 8. Lyric dive? I'm curious to see what's going on with this fascination for "I will be." Well until next time here's "lines her eyes":

"If she somehow beats me, gets to the top before me, I can't deny how angry I will be!"