Monday, April 11, 2011

What's a Bright Light Social Hour?

     When I think of The Bright Light Social Hour I picture mustaches. There is a reason behind this, aside from the fact that I have a "mind fascination" for mustaches. Google this band, click on images, and check out their faces. The man with the flamboyant mustache is Jack, bassist of The Bright Light Social Hour.

     So ... now, mustache aside, I'll talk more about their music. This band has reason for being voted best Austin band at SXSW 2011. I mean just listen to the first track of their self titled album and you will hear interesting guitars and mind-blowing electronic beats. These guys make fun rock music. Track two features a chorus built on an anthem. Just picture a crowd of hipsters shouting "bear hands! bear feet!" It works.

     So as I listen to this album I try and picture what it might sound like live. I think these guys would make any heedless crowd-- busy chatting in the back of the bar-- turn around and see what fascinating music is coming from the stage. At least that's what we all would hope. Who's we? Well I for one like to stand among a good-sized crowd, one that's rowdy and eager to listen. And well of course the people who bring the band hope the crowd is attentive. In this case B Live wants to show the band that Laredo is worth the travel. Any visitor wishes to show their guest that they know how to have a good time. A good crowd requires an attentive audience and of course lots of people standing shoulder to shoulder. It adds to the rock concert vibe.

     So when time permits do check out this very talented Texas band. You can listen to a full stream of their album, The Bright Light Social Hourhere. If you like them you won't want to miss the next time they go to your city. I am happy to announce that they will be in the beautiful city of Laredo. Lucky me! Laredo resident? Be there. Friday April 15, 2011 at Old No.2. Or be square!