Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ON REPEAT: dark fantasy

I love mp3 deals at Amazon.com. It's my favorite place for buying all things music. Yesterday was the release day of Kanye West's newest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and it was on sale (digital format) for $3.99. I haven't moved past track number one "dark fantasy" because it's just too good. The lyrics are clever and catchy. I like how the song goes from rap to chorus rap to chorus. "Can we get much higher" seems to be the pinnacle of this song. My personal favorite verse is "sex is on fire, i'm the king of leonna lewis." Couldn't find any samples or tracks of the song but definitely check it out.

A picture I created on paint of "sleepy hollow"(those of you who have tuned into "dark fantasy" will know what I am refering to) and the controversial album art

FOUND IT! on 1/14/2010 PRESS PLAY