Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MY TRACK OF THE DAY: never gonna give you up

Just recently I found out that the amazing track, "never gonna give you up," by The Black Keys is actually a cover. So I sought out to find the original. After entering the phrase "never gonna give you up" on youtube's search engine, I found out that they certainly didn't cover Rick Astley's song (which I'm sure you will recognize when you press play) and they didn't cover Barry White's "never gonna give you up" either. The final option was Jerry Butler. I clicked. And lo-and-behold, there was the exact same tune as track 14 on Brothers. The original is just as good. Let's just say that The Black Keys sort of remastered the original. They exemplify the whimper of the guitar but mostly they kept the same sounds. Success! Yes, definitely a successful cover. Oh, and a little research on Jerry Butler will mention that he was part of The Impressions. Sound familiar? I bet you've heard "people get ready." Maybe? Or maybe you've heard of Curtis Mayfield. He was also in the The Impressions with Jerry Butler. Anyways, below is Jerry Butler's version of "never gonna give you up."