Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin are the duo that make up New York band Cults. Their self-titled album Cults is set to be released June 7, 2011 and they already have a large fan-base. This duo makes cute pop music. But it’s a sort of old-school kind of pop. Cults music is the kind of pop that would appear in a compilation album with “the best of the 60s.” Their sound is definitely old school-ish. Perhaps it’s her sweet voice. From start to finish their debut album is very enjoyable. The catchy opening track, “abducted,” is reminiscent to the Supremes “where did our love go.” Track 3, “you know what I mean,” is slow, soothing, and romantic like The Flamingo’s “I only have eyes for you,” while track 10 “bumper” is hip with a shake your bum bum--old school style--vibe. Cults couldn’t have picked a better time to release this charming pop album. It will definitely be on repeat this summer. I give it a 9/10. Listen to the whole album at for a limited time.

Favorite tracks: abducted, you know what I mean, never saw the point, bumper

for those who like: Generationals, The Supremes, Camera Obscura, Tennis, Lesley Gore <<[according to guardian mag... and after listening to her song "you don't own me" I would agree]