Saturday, April 2, 2011

saturday night

Today was another one of those warm nights when the skies are clear and the winds are fierce. A good night for cruising in Laredo. The neon open signs are captured by our light sensitive eyes and headlights  decorate the streets. Turn on the music. Roll down the windows and the moment is perfect.

My sister treated me for a sweet lemonade raspa at this cool snack joint on Arkansas Street. We drove down most of McPherson smiling every time my one year old nephew lifted his arms up as if he was on a roller-coaster. And his mother joined in. And then I--the driver--joined in but quick as to not lose control of the wheel.

It was 10pm and our original destination was Pinguinos (a place with no penguins but plentiful in fatty and sugar-loaded snacks). It was way too crowded. Our destination changed and we headed to Arkansas St., the raspa/snack spot my sister discovered during her pregnancy. So down south we rode. There we were.  No longer laughing but now somewhat dejected. The three of us listening to her Black Keys playlist. I got to say that my sister knows how to pick them. "Lies" summarizes the nights mood. It was so perfect that we played it twice before moving on to the next BK song. Listen in...

"Said the moon was ours. You said the moon was ours to hell with the day."