Tuesday, March 22, 2011


photo taken by Cristina Lopez

    It was January 2011 and I found out Generationals were coming back to Laredo for a show. I remember thinking March 19th was far away and out of reach but suddenly "bam!" and it was saturday March 19. The show featuring Generationals was part of B Live Promotion's SXSS (South by South Sur) showcase and included opening bands Milktooth of Tennesse and Floating Action of North Carolina. Anyone in attendance will tell you that the night was a blast. It was a killer show that fueled our souls.

    The show began with Milktooth a little before 11pm. The crowd was fairly small and there was a huge gap between the audience and the stage. We were too shy to cross the forbidden barrier zone but eventually we made our way to the front and only a few feet from Milktooth's David Condos as he motioned his hand over some sort of theremin on his keyboard during the very cool song "Diviner's Mouth." As a whole their music doesn't vary much from mellow alternative sounds. My favorite parts of their set were the performances of "Your Arrows" and "If no one ever stops me." The quality of the sound within the Old No.2 building during Milktooth's set was fantastic. The sound was crisp, clean, and comfortable to the ears.

   Several minutes after Milktooth cleared the stage Floating Action got behind their gear ready to play. Being past 11:30pm the crowd grew and we were a foot from the stage.The lead singer Seth Kauffman was quite flamboyant dawning blue polyester pants, a brown suede coat, and a red beard situated on his face. The band started playing and it was instant love. These guys have soul! Having heard Desert Etiquette days prior to the show I was happy to see that their set consisted of songs mostly off that album. They looked so confident where they stood as their groovy tunes blared from the amps. The bassist ceased to smile and that made me smile. With some help from Grant Widmer of the Generationals, the highlight of their set was definitely the final song they played called "don't stop loving me now." The next day my brother who was in attendance and is a Generationals fan, told me that Floating Action's set was his favorite part of the night. He was totally impressed and now he won't stop telling me how much he likes Desert Etiquette.

     Next up were the Generationals and it was their turn to show off their good stuff. Everyone in the room seemed excited with expectations to be blown away. It was almost 1am and the crowd was fairly large. We huddled together facing the stage as Ted and Grant strapped on their guitars. Last year it was Ted, Grant, and Tess on stage but this time around there were five guys (two guitarists, a bassist, keyboardist, and drummer). It defnitely added to the execution of the songs. In spite of the guys having to rush through the set for lack of time, Generationals put on a great, fun, dance-worthy show. The crowd kept getting roudier and happier as the Generationals played each of the nine songs on their set. Then unfortunately "the gens" announced that they were about to play the final song, "Trust." They took some shots and began to play the catchy guitar and bass riffs. When it ended we pleaded for an encore shouting "otra! otra! otra!" The choir of "otras!" was a priceless moment, as it was last year, but this time there was an air of die-hard love and appreciation coming from our smiling faces as we pounded our fists in the air towards the stage. Then the coolest thing happened, the band added some beats to our "otra's!" and it sounded like the chorus of a banging hip-hop song. And then Grant announced that they would play "una mas" one more song for us and even though we wished they would have played ten more songs it was nice that the night ended with "when they fight they fight." The encore song was the highlight of the night since everyone in sight was singing and dancing. It ended and the applause ensued. It's a fact, Laredo loves the Generationals.

Scroll down for video and setlists!

Milktooth- if no one ever stops me
Floating Action- Robespierre
Generationals- Trust

part of Milktooth's setlist:
The Serving Plate
Your Arrows
If no one ever stops me
Diviner's Mouth

Floating Action setlist:
Modern Gunslinger
The Balance
Please Reveal
50 Lashes
Marie Claire
Don't Stop Loving Me Now

Generationals setlist:
Nobody Could Change Your Mind
Angry Charlie
Goose & Gander (new album)
Dirty Mister Dirty (new album)
Ten/ twenty/ ten (new album)
Please Be It (new album)
Our Time
When They Fight, They Fight