Saturday, February 12, 2011

ON REPEAT: greenleaf

     Generationals... I love those guys. But not in a crazy teenage way. Rather, I appreciate their music. If I were asked to recommend cool indie-pop music of the present time I would shout out "Generationals." And if you are new to their music then never fear! The band is fairly new to the music scene having released a total of 1 album, 1 EP, and a song for the movie Going the Distance. Below is "greenleaf" their latest release from their second full-length album Actor-Caster out March 29. Their legacy continues as their new song exemplifies their ability to constuct catchy pop/rock tunes. That little piano jingle keeps replaying in my head and before you know it I'm searching for the repeat button. "Greenleaf" non-stop!

You can get a free and legitimate download here or here. Plus they will be in Laredo, TX March 19. For more info visit:

***Bored? Listen to their first album Con Law in its entirety here.