Thursday, December 23, 2010

ON REPEAT: woe is me

Woe! Woe. Woe? What does woe mean? The OED defines it as "an exclamation of grief or lamentation." In that case I must say woe is not me when I hear The Walkmen's "Woe is Me." There is much energy in it ideal for listening while the body is active (such as the surfing guitar below). On the other hand there is much to woe about in the lyrics, such as when he sings "there's a girl that you should know. She was mine not so long ago." The words are a man's lamentations about a past ex-girlfriend. The lyrics remind one that remembering the past is tough. Whether good times, bad times, or humiliating times, the idea of being stuck in the present without your ex-lover can be heavy on the mind. In spite of the heartbreaking words, the beach-like guitars and fast jazzy drums pull you in and make you want to sway. Listen in.
surfing guitar ^^^