Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MY TRACK OF THE DAY: I do not care for the winter sun

Without a doubt holiday hits can be a challenge for artists in the music business. A holiday song should maintain the uniqueness of the artist while evoking the essence of the season. Every year without fail you can open up a Best Buy or Target ad and notice numerous artists advertising their Christmas albums. Mariah Carey might have been the last to nail it with her very own original song "All I Want for Christmas is You." And even though Beach House is not as big as Carey, their song "I do not care for the winter sun" screams holiday hit material. And I doubt that it will make it on mainstream radio but this song definitely succeeds at making one feel like they're in the holiday season. I must warn you that it is not a buoyant tune but rather a somber one that will make you feel like crawling into a dark corner and gaze out the window as rays of sunshine hit the iris of your left eye only to reveal its true pigment. Earlier today I saw the painted weathered rock (pictured above) and instantly my head became impregnated with Victoria Legrand's melancholy tone in "I do not care for the winter sun." Beach House definitely nailed it with their holiday song. And if rocks could talk this gloomy-looking one would definitely sing along.

"Snowflakes that fall across my eye cannot compare to a dumb surprise"
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