Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MY TRACK OF THE DAY: behind closed blinds

One late afternoon I was falling asleep while listening to music streaming from my brother's christmas gift.  It was the aftermath of an eventful day and I was tired. The only light entering the room was coming from the hallway ceiling fixture which cast a yellow blanket on my brother's carpet. I was in and out of sleep unaware of how many songs I had heard unconsciously. Then "behind closed blinds" started playing and I was fond of the nonchalant sound. It fit perfect with the environment I was in. I suddenly realize my brother's in the room and I ask him who the artist is. He tells me Arches. I make a mental note and here I am now, streaming the song as I blog about it. Check it out below.

"Guess we've grown but I still feel like a child ... scared of the night"