Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm going through a Frankenstein phase. I read the book for class and now it's all I think about. Okay, not all the time. I like to exaggerate. But I do think of it often. Case in point: I was listening to "VCR" by The XX and for some reason a scene from Bride of Frankenstein played in my mind (which I've never even watched before). So I searched for classic Frankenstein clips and found one that fit "VCR" perfectly. It happened by accident but now I'm contemplating doing one of those fan-videos. But for now I'll have to do things the Phoenix way (you may recall the Grizzly Bear remix they sort of released). The clip reminds me more of Lennie Small from Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, than it does of Mary Shelley's novel. You'll see why.

step 1: Press play here and mute the audio. Now immediately scroll down for step 2.

step 2: press play here to start The XX's "VCR" song.

step 3: scroll up to watch the Frankenstein video and Enjoy :-)