Sunday, October 30, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: mylo xyloto

Ten years ago, who would of thought Coldplay would go mainstream- singing songs with Rihanna and Jay-Z and playing all over American television like Ellen Degeneres and The Today Show? A lot of followers and indie-hipsters may be turned off by this. But I must say that after album numero cinco--Mylo Xyloto-- I still love 'em. 

When I first heard the track featuring Rihanna (without the aid of the rest of the album) my ears began to bleed profusely. And I said to myself “why Coldpay? Why?” But the key to listening to  Mylo Xyloto is playing it straight from start to finish. Listen to it as a whole. That’s Coldplay's gift. They are able to create cohesive albums that flow from beginning to end. The theme of this album... not sure yet, but I now love the Rihanna song!

The truth is that if you’re asking for the old Coldplay you won’t get it. Elements of older sounds are evident but it's clear that they've grown. Music changes. Artists have the right to explore and experiment with new sounds. Coldplay have been doing just that but without going overboard. Mylo Xyloto is no Parachutes or Viva La Vida but its just as pleasing. I give it an 8/10.

favorite tracks: hurts like heaven, paradise, U.F.O., up in flames