Thursday, October 20, 2011


Autumn arose and consolidated itself into Feist's Metals. It may not look like fall in south Texas but listening to Metals puts me in the autumn mood. Orange leaves, cool breezes, and all that autumn brings. Pop the tunes and suddenly I'm blind to clear blue skies and extra green vegetation- let alone the heat.

The sounds of tracks 1-12 range from folk-esque guitar strumming to uplifting choirs to a male shouting "A COMMOTION!" But don't expect Feist to make you get up and dance. These tunes are for the lethargic couch potato that yearns for not gallons but ounces of enthusiasm. I guess that's why I associate this album with autumn. Autumn has that lethargic vibe to it. Once lively leaves will begin to rot. Nature slows down. Metals will slow you down without bringing you to a complete stop. Songs like "the bad in each other" and "how come you never go there" contain enough of that vigor to keep you going. For fans of calming music and simple yet intricate melodies Metals is the answer. I give it a 9/10.

favorite tracks: the bad in each other, anti-pioneer, comfort me