Sunday, September 11, 2011

A rock and a roll

9.10.11. It was a great night for rock-and-roll at the deuce. The first band to come on was Not in the Face. These guys were my favorite. The band simply consists of a drummer and a guitarist but together they create impressive bluesy-rock sounds with an extra bang. The best part must have been when they played “brass tracks.” How can you not sing along to an anthem like “I want to see the look on your face when you find out that love is a lie!”? I was blown away. The crowd was promising. We were a filthy bunch huddled against the corner stage. There was the usual round of applause, yells of exaltation, and booze, of course. Times were good.

The closing act was The Happen-ins from Austin, Texas. And these guys got a lot of people moving. Such was the case when they played “the kids don’t dance,” which features that raunchy guitar sound similar to Norman Greenbaum’s “spirit in the sky.” Anyways, The Happen-ins can play some deep soulful rock that will move your insides in a joyous way… if you’re in the mood of course. And the band was totally in the zone. You could see the passion in their faces as when, for example, the bassist would sway to the beat with eyes closed and firmly pressed lips. All-in-all, it can be said that Not in the Face and The Happen-ins left a good impression on Laredo, because they basically did one thing. They rocked the house. B Live Promotions knows how to pick 'em!