Thursday, September 1, 2011


What's with the facebook comment thread? Let me explain...

I very randomly came across a cool song a few minutes ago. The band is ASTRO and the song is "ciervos."

So this is how it happened: I was looking at my news feed on facebook and I saw a post by Pitchfork on the new Blakroc album that's in the works. So for some reason, I looked at the comments below the post and immediately my eyes fell on the comment with an attached youtube link. And so I clicked it thinking that perhaps it was a teaser of the new Blakroc stuff, but I was wrong. It was better.

Suddenly this peppy electronic-pop song started playing (it sounded like something the Flaming Lips would release). And I fell in love. And when I heard Spanish words, I loved it even more. And when I clicked on the tab to see the youtube video, I fell in love even more. Five men dressed as cave men roaming the wilderness like ciervos (Spanish for some sort of deer)... it couldn't be cooler.

So thank you commenter, Seba Deshanel, for your desire to share the very cool song "ciervos" with the masses. You succeeded! ASTRO gained one more fan with me. Check it...

Go to ASTRO's souncloud page for a free/legite download of "ciervos"