Tuesday, August 23, 2011

B Live Show Friday August 26/ Band Research

On Friday, August 26th, B Live Promotions will be hosting a concert event at Old No.2. The bands include: Randy Tate, Wild Party, Milktooth, and Heavy Cream. Admission is $10  $5. A total bargain if you're looking to experience the sounds of four fantastic bands! Read below to see brief summaries of each band. 

who: 3 females + 1 male
sounds like: garage rock, upbeat punk-rock hooks, sing-a-long anthems
band comparisons: Those Darlins, Dum Dum Girls
origin: Nashville, Tennessee
random fact: Heavy Cream is part of the Infinity Cat record label along with JEFF the Brotherhoood and Natural Child
good online read about band: click me
must hear song: Watusi

who: 4 males
sounds like: soft rock, keyboards, harmonious vocals
origin: Nashville, Tennessee
random fact: lead singer, David Condos, uses this very cool device called a theremin to control the sound resonating from his keyboard. It's like some sort of jedi device.
good online read about band: click me
must hear song: Your Arrows

who: five men
sounds like: pop-rock, cool electronic synth-sounds
band comparison: The Killers, Hot Hot Heat
origin: San Antonio, Texas
random fact: Recently Wild Party toured the UK with The Wombats
good online read about band: click me
must hear song: Life's Too Short

who: four men
sounds like: rock, heavy blues-rock, strong voice
band comparison: Social Distortion, Pearl Jam
origin: Laredo, Texas
random fact: The band's current drummer, Curly Castillo, is the son of Grammy award winner Chale Castillo (also a drummer).
good online read about band: click me
must hear song: Waste of Time