Saturday, July 9, 2011

WHAT'S IN MY IPOD: songs with sleep & slow


It's a Saturday night. I'm at home waiting for the clock to strike 11pm. As I wait, I decide to work on a homework assignment. My room is yellow because of the fluorescent lighting. The fan is on full speed, and therefore I see strands of my hair sway as the air pushes them to-and-fro. It's a pretty cool night. I feel great. And when I decide to listen to "sitting waiting wishing" by Jack Johnson I eventually stumble across the other "S" songs, in particular, songs with sleep and slow. I let my ipod go with the flow, never skipping through a track. Alphabetical order ain't too bad sometimes. Check it...

1. sleeping lessons- The Shins
2. sleepwalk- Santo & Johnny
3. sleepwalkin'- Modest Mouse
4. sleepyhead- Passion Pit
5. slow- Twin Shadow
6. slow dance- John Legend
7. slow down jo- Monsters of Folk
8. slow hands- Interpol
9. slow jamz- Kanye West (Feat. Twista & Jamie Foxx)
10. slow motion- Holy Ghost!
11. slow motion- Panda Bear
12. slow night, so long- Kings of Leon
13. slow show- The National