Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CONCERT EXPERIENCE: the sweetest pb&j

Last Wednesday I saw Swedish rockstars Peter Bjorn and John at Austin's Antones. It was amazing! I went in thinking that I would hear good songs but never did I expect the band to be so energetic and interactive with the audience. The band (especially Peter) was so enthusiastic that it made you smile cheek-to-cheek. Peter's quirky dance moves were cooler than cool. It was a fun experience and it's definitely on my top ten concerts so far. The audience (myself included) could have been a lot more wild and crazier. Most of us were simply standing and enjoying the music. I wish we would have jumped all over the place. It's what the Dallas audience at the Granada Theater did the following day, and in effect they were called "the best audience so far this year." But I still hold my pb&j concert experience high up in the air. And they were so kind to hold a meet-and-greet after their show. Peter Bjorn and John are three very sweet dudes! Today I can't stop humming/singing songs that I did not like prior to the show. That is the beauty of live music. Somehow you can understand a song better when it is executed live. And an energetic band makes it all more enjoyable.


vinyl and setlist...concert souvenirs

pb&j opening song

may seem macabre
it don't move me
second chance
let's call it off
teen love
dig a little deeper
breaker, breaker
tomorrow has to wait
objects of my affection
I know you don't love me

nothing to worry about
black book
down like me

stay this way
young folks

pb&j on Conan back in February