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Generationals q&a

     Generationals are at it again. The diligent two man band, whose music fits somewhere along the lines of alternative/pop/rock/indie, released their debut album Con Law back in 2009. Two years, a song in a film, and an EP later and "the gens" have finished recording their second full-length album Actor-Caster which will be released March 29 of this year via Park the Van Records. The band is now touring and will make a stop at Laredo, TX after their SXSW showcase in Austin. The New Orleans band is not new to Laredo. Last year in March they sold out a show at Old No.2 with Those Darlins and Automatic Weekend. This year Generationals will be headlining one of B Live's SXSS (south by south sur) shows with opening bands Milktooth and Floating ActionI emailed Grant Widmer of the Generationals some questions and he kindly responded. Read the q&a below...

Q&A with Grant Widmer of the Generationals

1. Generationals first show in Laredo was March 2010. What is your fondest memory of Laredo?

My fondest memory was of the show itself. We had just driven in from Austin where there were so many bands all over town, it gets to be hard to focus and concentrate on any one single show. So to come to Laredo where everyone seemed so receptive to our show was a really fun experience. I made several friends that day who I still talk to, including my friend Federico who lives in Chicago now and of course Fernando. I remember going to a big house party after the show and staying up drinking tequila with Dante from Hacienda and the girls from Those Darlins until the sun came up the next day. It was one of the most fun nights we had all year. As the show began to fill up with people, I remember texting our booking agent saying "Laredo is amazing!"

2. As you drove south I-35 past the vast expanse of thicket forests, dry land, and cacti what were your expectations of Laredo? What was your impression of Laredo when you first arrived?

It was beautiful! We drove straight to Old No. 2 and we got out of the van and immediately felt right at home. We had no idea what to expect because none of us had been to Laredo before, but we all loved it. There was a small barbecue at Old No. 2 after the soundcheck and everyone made us feel right at home. We couldn't wait to come back.
3. How would you describe your live shows of 2011? What instruments should we expect to see on stage?
We'll have a much different show this year than we did last year. Last year we played as a 3-piece, this year there will be 5 of us onstage (2 guitars, bass, keys and drums) and we will also be trying to find a couple of trumpet players to come play with us on "When They Fight," "Nobody Could Change Your Mind" and maybe a couple others. We've been playing all of our shows this year with that lineup and it's made a huge difference. It's a much much bigger sound. It sounds much closer to the way the recordings are.
4.  Floating Action, which is also part of Park the Van, will be opening up for Generationals at Old no.2? What can you tell us about Floating Action? What's so great about their music?
Floating Action is one of the best touring bands in America. We have been on a few tours with them and I can tell you that they are amazing. Seth Kauffman is the singer of the band and the primary songwriter and I think he is one of the greatest songwriters working today. His songs are classic, they have a lot of soul and the band is so sharp. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing them play in Laredo, I am a huge fan. Everyone who knows Floating Action ends up loving them and trying to copy them, including us.
5. While Laredo's students are out for sping break, Generationals will be 230 miles north in Austin for SXSW’s music week. How excited are you about SXSW 2011? How many shows are you playing there?
 A lot! I think we're doing 8 shows in 3 days in Austin. Of course we are very excited, especially because we have the new record Actor-Caster coming out in March, it's especially important for us to be good. There are so many people in Austin for those days, the shows are all really well-attended and every band is really giving it their best. The competition is so fierce that it really ups the ante and pushed everyone to exceed people's expectations. But of course we will be counting the minutes until we can get out of there and come to Laredo.
6. What music do you hope Generationals will be jamming out to during their 3-hour drive from Austin to Laredo?
Floating Action's new record Desert Etiquette. Also Jessica Lea Mayfield's new record Tell Me is amazing, I am a huge fan of hers too. Telekinesis' new record 12 Desperate Straight Lines. Those are three of the best new things that I know about.
7. Can you tell Laredo why they must go see/hear Generationals at Old no.2 March 19?
Last year at Old No. 2, we were opening up for Those Darlins and I remember standing in the crowd watching them as they were playing their set and my mind got blown. The Darlins were amazing, they were standing on top of their drumset and their amplifiers and the crowd was going nuts, the crowd was giving back as much as they were getting. So I know that Laredo knows how to get into a good show. It was so fun to watch and I remember wishing that we had pushed it harder. So March 19 will be our chance to do that.
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