Saturday, March 26, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: gimme some

Pb&j's third full length has a cool vibe. I've been listening to it for 4 days now via the internet. Total score 7.3. Gimme Some features catchy tracks that will surely circulate the web like wild fire all the way through summer. Overall, it is an upbeat album with fast paced drums and assertive guitar riffs. You won't find a "young folks" type of song here, but you will find its evil twin "down like me" which features sentimental lyrics about low self-esteem. Gimme Some is a cool breeze to a hot sunny day but don't expect to stay cool the entire time. Some tracks (in my case "breaker breaker" and "lies") might make you sweat uncomfortably leaving you praying for the next breeze.

Favorite Tracks: second chance, eyes, don't let them (cool off), I know you don't love me