Friday, January 28, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: cloud nothings

  • Scale of entire album from 1-10..... 3.79.
  • first impression: noisy, a bit annoying. So far this[ :S ] is what I feel for tracks 1-2. 
  • Track 3: its like something you'd hear in a  90's teen movie in the scene when the kids are entering the school, and the cheerleaders are doing back flips in the entrance and then the camera comes in at the average joe that is about to undergo a monumental moment that will be the highlight of his adolescence. Sounds like teenage rebellion. 
  • Track 4: mainstream alternative/rock, nothing new. 
  • Track 5: again i'm getting that old/late 90's rock vibe. And i'm hoping that it won't come back. I never was into that music. It makes me anxious like "get me out of this car now! I can't breathe" anxious. 
  • Track 6: kind of grows on me, except when it says "i don't have a heartbeat why don't you" over and over again! Then I start disliking this album again. 
  • Track 7: I like. Fun, seems true, sounds raw, especially the voice.
  • Track 8: bearable, probably rocks live. 
  • Track 9: annoying! But the track does get kind of better after the first half. I'm feeling this. Again music of the immature teenage rebel.
  • Track 10: nothing new.... not eargasmic.... just there. I mean props for the artist, he's a talented multi-instrumentalist but I'm just not into the music. 
  • Track 11: closing track... the song hasn't even started and I'm excited that i'll be able to move on to the next cd. Again nothing new.... please get me out of the 90's now.
  • ALL IN ALL... I'm sure it sounds great live but I don't think i'll be buying this cd or mp3 album because i'd be shaking my leg the whole time, eager to listen to something new and less monotone. I don't understand, is this the same artist that released "Hey Cool Kid"? Now that's a song I like. I'm disappointed with the album because it's not what I expected.
favorite tracks: understand at all, rock