Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"laredo indie buzz"

I think just yesterday someone created a page on facebook titled "Laredo Indie Buzz." What a great idea since more and more people seem to be interested in this "indie" genre. Now all the music lovers of Laredo can post old and new music that interests them on this one page. If you really like a song or think others should hear it you can post it on

So what constitutes "indie"? I see it as a genre of all kinds of music that doesn't regularly make the rounds on top40 radio stations because it just hasn't been exposed. Why not? Perhaps lack of advertisement, a desire for the band to remain underground, or most people just don't like the sound. Although, I would argue that there isn't a distinct sound to this "indie" music. Indie music tends to be a mix of bands who sound like pop, rock, blues, electronic, r&b, punk, instrumental, foreign (non-english) and many other genres. Each genre of music has its own little "indie" scene.

I see it as the stage in which bands first emerge before they become mainstream. For example, Kings of Leon could have been considered indie five years ago but today they are mainstream. However, there are exceptions because many bands, like Modest Mouse and Interpol, have been in the music business for several years and have released several albums and they have a good following and have been played on mainstream radio but are still considered part of the indie scene. In addition indie music, as the name suggests, usually constitutes of bands under independent labels or no labels at all.

I don't know but I predict that pretty soon everyone will be digging this "indie" scene. It's all about the young kids, and as they get older they'll be demanding this stuff. Maybe Laredo will get its own indie radio? or maybe the entire indie genre will become mainstream? Who knows what the future holds for music. Anyways Check out the "Laredo Indie Buzz" page here

Also, it leads me to question is my blog an indie blog? The answer is yes because a lot of the music I blog about is part of the underground/non-mainstream scene, however, things can change and perhaps some of these bands will eventually get the praise they deserve, as I see it happening with Local Natives. It's all about appreciating good music and sharing it with others.


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