Thursday, October 21, 2010

WHAT'S IN MY IPOD: playlist

I often create playlists in my ipod of songs that I'm into at the time. It all starts by me liking one or more songs a lot, and then I search more songs to accompany them in a playlist. So then I go through the list of songs on my ipod and add away. A lot of the times the same songs repeat in my playlists. But today I came across one I created back in April and I am pleased with the variety in it, and as I listen to it now I have not once changed the track, which is something I do a lot.

1. swim- surfer blood
2. bien o mal- julieta venegas
3. stillness is the move- dirty projectors
4. heaven's on fire- the radio department
5. hands- the dutchess and the duke
6. firstborn- j. tillman
7. the old days-
8. army of ancients-
9. the rabbit, the bat & the reindeer-
10. jail la la- dum dum girls
11. consolation prizes- phoenix
12. shake ya- hacienda
13. introducing palace players- mew
14. come back home- two door cinema club
15. funky squaredance- phoenix
16. lasso- phoenix
17. action/reaction- choir of young believers
18. arkansas- damien jurado
19. big jet plane- angus and julia stone
20. cleo's song- jbm
21. clandestino- manu chao
22. closet astrologer- the ruby suns
23. crushing limbs- anni rossi
24. dominos- the big pink