Thursday, October 14, 2010


Old No.2 was the place to be on Tuesday night. Initially I was thrilled about going when I found out they'd be playing in Laredo (having  heard their tracks "Answer to Yourself" and "Mexico") but when I realized I had three exams on the Wednesday after the show I was hesitant about going. But my "natural instinct" won and "reason" lost so I went to the show anyway. And I must say it was completely worth it.

The free show (courtesy of B Live Promotions) at Old No.2 began with local band Automatic Weekend. It was my first time watching a full set of this band which consists of a drummer, guitarist, and bassist. With their instruments and singing abilities they produce a blues/rock sound that reverberates great live. One of my personal favorites of their show was "Daddy's Little Girl." Any fan of live music is sure to get a satisfying dose from the music produced by this trio.

Next up was the Soft Pack from California. The crowd at this point had not yet reached full capacity; however, every now and then you could see a stream of people entering the building as the Soft Pack set up their gear. Several minutes later I turned and noticed that the room was crowded with heads visible from the merchandise table in the back to the front of the small stage. One of the guys from B Live Promotions introduced the main act, everyone cheered, and Soft Pack immediately began strumming their guitars, banging drums, and moving their lips as they played the dance-worthy opener "Right and Wrong."

Anyone in attendance that night will tell you that the Soft Pack rocked. The quartet played over a dozen songs flawlessly. At first glance these guys might seem reserved and hard to read on stage, but in fact they were both inviting and energetic. The lead guitarist swayed and got down with his instrument, while the bassist shifted around the stage and bobbed his head as he plucked his fingers on the bass. The drummer drummed like there was no tomorrow and stood up the whole time as he banged along to the fast-paced music. The singer/guitarist sang smoothly gazing blankly at the crowd and bouncing to the beats. The highlights of the night were "Extinction," "Parasites," and "Mexico." The crowd pleaser was definitely "Answer to Yourself" which made most, if not all, dance around their own little piece of ground.

The crowd was phenomenal. We were loud, we were clapping, we were whistling, and we were "whooing" after every song. The best response from the crowd came after the Soft Pack played their last song. Everyone chanted for an encore with the enthusiasm of a mob calling for their beloved king. In spite of most of the crowd, including myself, knowing little about this well praised band from California there still managed to be a spectacular show. Tuesday night seemed to be about enjoying music and welcoming the Soft Pack and it was certainly achieved. Too bad I didn't take my camera to capture the footage, but atleast I can replay it in my head.

Right and Wrong
More or Less
?[unknown song]
Faith man
Beside Myself
Pull out
Answer to Yourself