Monday, October 25, 2010

3 bands, 3 reasons, 5 dollars

3 bands
1.Automatic Weekend
2. Natural Child
3. Devil in the Drink (a.k.a. The Couch)

3 reasons
1. Automatic Weekend, a group of 3 young men from Laredo, TX whose music will melt the tension in your bones.
2. Natural Child will sound incredible live, and you'll be banging your head or at least feel like it the entire night.
3. Listening to Devil in the Drink's "dino romp" LIVE will change your life.

5 dollars

so why not spend $5 at Old no.2 on Saturday November 6, where music will be abounding from 8:30pm-2am. I promise it will be better than a $5 foot long.